Generally speaking, change the cat litter once every 1-2 weeks and clean and disinfect the litter box once every 1-2 months.
Because feces are unsanitary, it is easier to harbor bacteria. It is easy to create a health risk to your cat’s skin, intestines, etc.
While the general cycle remains basically the same, there are also many variables that require us to increase the frequency or reduce it appropriately
Summer temperature will be higher, bacteria breeding faster, so it is recommended to change more frequently, sand change more than a week, cleaning about a month
2⃣️Litter box
If the litter box is closed, the air is not easy to circulate and bacteria will grow faster, so it is recommended to change it once a week or so. There are also semi-closed litter boxes that are easy to leave in the joints, so it is recommended to clean and disinfect them once a month or so.
3⃣️ Excretion situation
If the cat has a recent uncomfortable situation, excreting more or bad smell, timely clean up. Speed up the rhythm of sand change to avoid bacterial residue
4⃣️Cat litter condition
If the cat litter is more prone to chalking, you should also increase the frequency of litter change with it. So choosing a good cat litter is very important.

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