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What is the Cat Litter

Cat litter is an object used by owners to bury feces and urine for their cats, it has good water absorption and is usually used in conjunction with a cat litter box (or cat toilet ), where an appropriate amount of litter is poured into the cat litter box, and trained cats will walk into the cat litter box when they need to defecate on top of the cat’s feces.

The most important advancement in cat culture is the use of cat litter. In the early days, cat litter was mainly non-clumping cat litter, which was mainly used to contain cat poop. But with the continuous progress of cat litter technology, people are not only limited to the storage of this simple, so the emergence of condensed sand, wood sand, and crystal sand, bentonite sand and so on.

Generally cat litter is made using paper pulp beaten into small granules to simulate sand and provide absorbency, or granules with a physical drying agent such as silica gel. Generally add antibacterial agents, deodorizers, preservatives and other chemical products, cat litter will condense into lumps when it encounters water, although it is said to be easy to clean up but it is recommended to match with the use of a special leaky shovel. Most of the cat litter will be stained on your feet and carried to other places after stepping on it, so please pay attention to clean it frequently!

Product Classification

  1. According to the use of characteristics, cat litter can be divided into two categories.

1, agglomerated cat litter: the main ingredient is bentonite clay, absorbing urine or feces will be clumped together, with the cat litter shovel can be easily cleaned.

2, non-clumping cat litter will not clump when encountering urine, after the cat poop can be shoveled out, the use of the whole need to be replaced.

Second, according to the chemical properties and raw materials are divided into

Organic cat litter: wood litter, paper litter, bamboo litter, grass litter, grain litter, cereal litter;

Inorganic cat litter: bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter, zeolite cat litter.

Silicone Cat Litter

Silica gel cat litter is refined and processed by utilizing this characteristic of silica gel. The main component of silica gel cat litter is silicon dioxide, non-toxic and non-polluting, is a family of green products. The cat litter can be buried in a pit after use. Silica gel cat litter has a white granular appearance, and is lightweight, low crushing, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal cat litter is a translucent granular bead or some irregular particles, some brands will be mixed with different colors of beads, the effect of anti-mold, antibacterial, deodorant and so on.

The advantage of crystal cat litter is that it is highly absorbent, and the beads will change color after absorbing urine, until about 80% of the whole basin changes color, then it can be replaced. Of course, the poop won’t disappear, so you still need to clean it up every day.


1、Powerful deodorization. It can absorb the odor of urine or feces tightly and keep the air in the room fresh and odorless.

2、Super strong and fast moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the moisture in the urine and feces discharged by pets in a very short period of time; the amount of moisture absorbed reaches more than 80% of its own weight and still maintains the appearance of dryness.

3, long-lasting effect. 4 lbs / bag of cat litter can be used by a cat for more than a month.

4, strong antibacterial. Because of the dryness of the litter box, it reduces the reproduction of bacteria. If you use antimicrobial cat litter, it also has a bactericidal effect.

5, easy to handle. Silicone cat litter does not clump, does not leave marks, no dust, light weight, less waste, can be disposed of as ordinary garbage; easy and safe for home use.


(1) The beads are light and round and can be easily plucked out; many cats are interested in the beads and will often play with them. Some cats will also eat the crystal litter, which is dangerous.

(2) When the litter is close to full, but still usable, the ammonia smell is very heavy and the deodorizing effect fails, so the owner will struggle internally whether to change it or not. Every time you change the crystal sand, you have to shut your breath for a long time.

(3) Stepping on crystal cat litter with bare feet is very painful.

(4) Crystal litter is also very dusty, and some cats will cough when they smell the newly changed litter.

(5) Do not flush it down the toilet.

Suggestion: Some people also use a double-layered litter box, with the top layer containing crystal cat litter and the bottom layer containing clumping cat litter or cat diapers to absorb the urine that runs off, to minimize wear and tear.

Wood Dust Cat Litter

Main Ingredients

This type of cat litter is made from recycled pine, paper pulp or wheat by-products, and is an environmentally friendly type of cat litter. The basic effect of woodchip cat litter is similar to that of crystal cat litter. This cat litter is made from woodchips as the main raw material, supplemented by a small amount of natural binder granulation, with no dust or very little dust, which will not cause air pollution, and is very strong in anti-penetration, with better agglomeration and odor absorption. It absorbs urine directly, can be disposed of directly into the toilet and flushed out, and does not need to be cleaned up too much. However, after absorbing urine, the litter will become powdery, and when the whole bowl becomes almost powdery, it can be discarded and has a long service life. Basically, wood shavings cat litter does not smell bad, but the smell of wood will be there, if you do not like the smell of pine or other wood shavings owners should consider whether to buy. The price is slightly higher than that of clumping litter and crystal litter.


(1) Good water absorption.

(2) Less odor.

(3) Low depletion rate and long service life.

(4) Easy to use, just turn it into powder and discard or flush it down the toilet.

(5) It is said to reduce the rate of lower urinary tract syndrome in FUS cats.


(1) Wood shavings are susceptible to moisture and fleas.

(2) Some cats do not like the smell of wood, are not used to the touch, and even refuse to use it.

(3) The price is slightly more expensive than condensed cat litter.

(4) Wood shavings powder can easily be taken out of the basin, polluting your home.

Environmental Issues

There is no need to cut down trees in order to make woodchip cat litter when there are other kinds of cat litter available. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose a wood shavings litter that states that it is an environmentally friendly recycled product.

Claims about FUS prevention

Alkaline substances such as gypsum contained in traditional cat litter are hypothesized to possibly alkalize the cat’s body, which is one of the causes of lower urinary tract syndrome in cats with FUS. Therefore, it is recommended to use wood shavings cat litter to reduce the chance of developing FUS (especially for male cats).

1. Standard wood litter: made of pine wood, 6 mm in diameter and 1 cm in length granules. Expands rapidly when exposed to water and reaches dryness within seconds. The saturated particles will be crushed into small fragments of about 1 mm in diameter. Based on the principle of up and down convection of large and small particles, the used small particles will sink after knocking or shaking the litter box, and the unused large particles will rise and wait for use. Just pick out the feces every day, and replace all the litter with new litter after the whole basin is broken. You don’t have to worry about the urine in the wood shavings stinking. The high-tech treatment of the wood effectively locks in water, and the antiseptic effect of the rosin inhibits bacterial growth, so it won’t stink. Similar to the method and steps of using crystal sand.

Safety: It is made of pure natural pine wood and sterilized by high pressure, without adding any additives and chemicals, non-toxic, no side effects, even if cats or family members accidentally eat it, there is no harm.

Deodorization: Pine wood itself has strong deodorizing property, after compression, the deodorizing property is even better. The rosin in pine wood is a natural sterilizing substance, which is the key to ancient buildings that can be preserved for thousands of years.

Water absorbency: Because pine wood chips are compressed, they are more absorbent, and have been experimentally proven to be 2.3 times more absorbent than traditional cat litter.

Easy to clean: The fecal mass can be scooped up with a litter scoop and flushed through the toilet. The granular wood shavings become powder after absorbing water, and can be cleaned up by filtering through a mesh sieve. Without a mesh sieve, you can also shake or shake the litter box to make the unused coarse particles rise and the powder sink.

Environmentally friendly: The raw material is pure natural pine wood, which can be flushed directly into the toilet or used as fertilizer, and can be decomposed in the natural environment. No mineral soil, no ash, keep indoor clean.

Easy to clean: The product is sterilized by high pressure to remove pine oil stains, slippery after absorbing water, non-stick feet, non-stick body, extremely easy to rinse.

2, agglomerated: in addition to the standard features, water agglomeration is more like the characteristics of bentonite cat litter. (Containing rosin sterilization ingredients)

3、 Enhanced activated carbon type: In addition to the standard features, activated carbon is added. As we all know, activated charcoal can even resist poisonous gas, and the urine odor is not a problem. (Containing rosin sterilization ingredients)

4, grain extraction: corn, wheat, rice and other grains processed and refined to produce special yeast, enzymes, can decompose urine, feces in the organic matter molecules that cause odor, thus destroying the generation of odor in the molecular structure. These yeasts and enzymes have no special taste and will not be detected by humans or cats, and can achieve biological deodorization. The deodorized cat litter can be used in the basin for a longer period of time, usually twice as long. (Contains rosin sterilization ingredient)

Cat Litter

Main Ingredients

A portion of the confetti litter contains activated charcoal, and some is made from used newsprint that has been processed.


Confetti litter is a soft litter, the size of a grain of rice. In terms of deodorization, confetti cat litter is less likely to emit odors because the size and hardness of the particles are similar to that of ordinary mineral sand. Activated charcoal is usually contained in the cat litter sold on the market, which is also helpful for deodorization. The confetti cat litter is smaller in dosage because of its smaller particles. Although it does not clump, it will be gray when wet with urine, which is easily recognizable and easy to remove. And it can be poured into the toilet and flushed out, which is easier.


The clumping power of confetti cat litter is slightly weaker, and there are some confetti cat litters that can be clumped while in use, but will turn into a mushy mess.

Clumping Litter

Main Ingredient: Bentonite Clay

Appearance: White or off-white rounded or irregularly shaped particles.

It is the most commonly used cat litter and is highly hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from the feces and forming a large hard mass. Coagulated cat litter solves the problem of urine, which can be coagulated into clumps and scooped out together in a hygienic and convenient manner. If you encounter diarrhea, it will also be successfully sucked into a ball, no longer have the trouble of ordinary cat litter can not be wrapped. When the clumping litter is gradually consumed, new litter can be added to the litter at any time, and there is no need to give up the whole basin.

Some also add perfume or perfume beads or fresh mint flavor, when cleaning the cat litter, you can reduce the number of times you temporarily stop breathing. The more advanced ones also have antiseptic ingredients, or dye the litter to turn it into colored litter, which is quite visually appealing. Ordinary cat litter and clumping cat litter, both of which are made of natural gravel, and excreta are quickly returned to nature.

Advantages: For cats, this type of cat litter is lighter, feels better on the feet and is suitable for cats that naturally like to bury. It is easier to clean up, and some brands of cat litter do a better job of absorbing odors, so if the number of cats in the house is not too large and the litter is cleaned every day, it can be basically odorless.

Disadvantages: The dust is on the large side, if the cat litter box is placed in the room, the surface of the furniture will gradually adhere to a fine layer of white powder, and the cat has a smell of earth. Because the cat litter particles are very small, it is easier to get stuck in the cracks of the cat’s toes, and the cat will lick up the small litter particles left in the cracks of the toes after pooping.

Note: Bentonite cat litter is very suitable for home use and can be used to clean up the cat’s feces at any time, but it is dusty, so it is best to place the litter box in a better ventilated area. Special care should be taken as cats can damage their respiratory and digestive systems if they accidentally ingest cat litter containing bentonite.

Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is divided into two types: agglomerated and non-agglomerated (regular tofu cat litter, tofu herbal litter, tofu variegated litter, tofu pine coated litter, and tofu corn coated litter). The clumping type is the popular model.

Material: As the name suggests, tofu litter is made from the residue of tofu.

Advantages: environmentally friendly, waste utilization, can directly flush the toilet. No dust, non-toxic, harmless to cats and humans. Coagulable, easy to clean up. Ingredients are natural, bean flavored, with a wide variety of derivatives (including tofu herbal sand, tofu variegated sand, tofu pine core sand, tofu corn core sand), scented, dyed, charcoal, and dust free. Can be flushed directly from the toilet and easy to take out and clean. According to the size of the cat according to 12 days, 7 days, 5 days all change can be. It is recommended that if you have a purebred cat, the kind with a weak stomach (easy to diarrhea) must use the agglomerated type, the cat will be absolutely fine to eat, the soybean dregs are edible (but choose manufacturers without industrial additives ), and it is extremely suitable for post-partum, post-operative cats as well as young kittens before the age of half a year.

Cons: Easy to grow worms in summer, or humid environment. Some people have responded to a pea-like odor, and cats have refused to use it. Agglomeration is not as good as clay litter, and the price is more expensive than clay or crystal.

How to use: It is best to use with a double-layer toilet, because some crushed particles will be deposited in the bottom layer, and the lower layer will be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive urine odor. Normally, as with clumping litter, clean up the urine clumps and BB clumps every day.

Ordinary Clay

Advantages: rapid absorption of liquid, odor suppression economy. Some have anti-bacterial formulas, and some have additives that adsorb and neutralize the odor.

Disadvantages: Clay is generally very heavy, so if you can’t scoop out the poop and don’t change the litter thoroughly, poor odor control may cause cats to seek alternative toilets, especially when there are multiple cats. And the added aroma sometimes makes cats avoid the litter. Dust and adhesion problems, the finer the particles, the more serious the problem, will soon form a cat-made beach, there are dust-free distribution of better, but can not be eliminated, people and cats with asthma and other respiratory problems need to consult a doctor.

Ordinary cat litter

After some treatment procedures of the sand, mostly made of stone crushed, with the general sand (such as construction sand, roadside sand) compared to cleaner and more hygienic, and dry without odor. Different brands differ only in the type of gravel and the thickness of the grains, while the more advanced ones have deodorizing features and are very inexpensive.

Ordinary cat litter is enough to wrap the feces, the biggest fatal injury is that it can not absorb urine, it will flow directly to the bottom of the basin, as if making compost. After a week or two of use, the entire cat litter is useless and must be replaced, or else it will be smoked to death.

Bamboo sand, grass sand

Bamboo litter is generally absorbent and has a lot of powdered particles.

Grass litter is also called plant litter: the most hateful design, looks like wood litter, but because it is too light, it is often taken out of the pot by the cat. It has no deodorizing or odor-absorbing function, and if it is not replaced in time, it may also stink. This product was originally designed to solve the problem of making fire in remote areas and manufactured ” fuel pellets “, which has nothing to do with cat litter, and it is really hateful to sell it as cat litter.

Plants and their by-products, environmental protection, biodegradable, from a variety of plants such as wheat, corn, grass, alfalfa, peanut shells and orange peel by drying and crushing into chips or powder. It may be safer for cats and kittens with health issues as he is very low or virtually dust free. Most are very lightweight, have a pleasant odor and suppress odor well without chemical additives. Although it doesn’t pick up hard lumps like bentonite sand, it can still form soft lumps, and although it crumbles easily, it’s still easy to scoop and can be poured down the toilet in small quantities at a time.

Disadvantages: Sticking, of which the lighter types have more of a sticking problem, easy to pick up outside of the litter box, and not expensive to buy. Some manufacturers claim that used litter can be used as fertilizer, but this is not a consideration to prevent the spread of problems such as toxoplasmosis.

Paper litter is made from biodegradable recycled paper, newspaper or paper mill by-products, and comes in two basic forms: hard granular and fluffy and crumbly, which absorbs moisture, suppresses odors well, and is more caring for kittens’ tender paws. Some of them can form soft lumps so that they can be scooped out, while others can be scooped out after forming “soil” directly because of their good water absorption, which is a better solution to the problem of adhesion. Some people worry that the ink on the paper shavings may cause poisoning to cats, so at least buying those products made from recycled materials from paper mills should be able to avoid this problem. Medicine Litter For early detection of common urinary tract disorders in cats and kittens. There are a number of skill disorders and diseases that can affect the urinary system, some of which can be fatal, especially in male cats, and when the pH of the cat’s urine is elevated, the litter will change color, usually bright red, which is a sign that a doctor’s visit is needed. High-quality products are also clumping and low-dusting, flushable, environmentally friendly, lightweight and do not contain sodium-based bulking ingredients. If a cat has a urinary tract condition, this product may save the cat’s life. Disadvantages Expensive. However, intermittent use may be considered. Usage and how to buy.

Green Tea and Corn Litter


◎The unique anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects of tea can keep the litter box clean and fragrant.

◎ It is porous sand with strong coagulation and odor-absorbing power.

The high heat sterilization treatment and anti-bacterial agent can prevent the production of bacteria.

The fresh fragrance of green tea can completely cover the odor of excrement.

If you use a small amount, you can dispose of it in the toilet, and it dissolves quickly.

Each packet can be used for about three weeks to one month.

Ingredients and materials: mountain gorgonzola, starch, tea leaves.

Advantages: Strong deodorizing power. No dust. Environmentally friendly. Disadvantages: Easy to grow insects. Green tea flavor, some cats refuse to use it.

IF USED: This litter can be condensed, so it is suitable for ordinary cat litter boxes.

Material: looks like crushed corn k ernels and corn kernels.

Characteristics: Coagulable.

Advantages: No dust. Environmentally friendly. Much like ordinary bentonite clay cat litter, it can be clumped and is highly adaptable to cats. Disadvantages: easy to mold. Not easy to buy, expensive.

How to use: the same as using ordinary clumping cat litter, suitable for single layer cat litter box.