Shovelers who have cats have more or less had the experience that just after cleaning the cat litter, the cat has to jump in and make a poop. Veterinarian Xiaoming studio friend is described this way, every morning when shoveling cat litter, will regularly run over a blue cat, cat litter just shoveled, the blue cat will jump in to leave a pile of poop, and then buried to leave, almost every day.

Although not all cats will have this habit, but this small action can hide a lot of meow star’s mind, may be the following 3 reasons:

1.The cat’s sense of territory

Cats are very sensitive to environmental factors, there was a 16-year-old cat in Canada, just because the dog passed by the door of its yard, it will not hesitate to fight with the dog, the last cat also overcame seven Pitbulls, it is because it feels that its own territory has been violated, I have to say that the cat is also a tough role ah.
The owner’s behavior of cleaning up the cat litter will also make the cat feel that it is invading its own territory, so the cat can’t wait to leave its own smell or feces in this territory. Sometimes during the owner’s cleanup, the cat can’t resist jumping in to use the fresh litter box, marking the scope of their territory to prevent other cats from invading.

2. Cats have a cleanliness fetish

Cats are naturally clean animals, even to the point of being a bit of a clean freak. If the cat litter box is already dirty, such as a heavy smell and too much excrement, it will make the cat feel unable to get down and keep holding back from defecating. When the owner cleans the litter box, the cat will naturally be able to go in and defecate.

3. The cat’s curiosity

The cat’s curiosity is also very heavy, the owner of the activities they can not help but want to participate in, when you see the owner with a small shovel shovel litter, the cat may be curious about what the owner is doing, especially some kittens will have been staring at the owner to see when the owner cleaned up will immediately jump in to see how the situation inside.

But sometimes there is an opposite situation where a cat doesn’t like to defecate in the litter box, and it could be for the following reasons:

  1. 1. Stress reaction of cats
    There are many sources of stress reaction in cats, such as loud scares, environmental changes, etc. will cause cats to change their mood and behavior. They will change their eating habits, defecation habits, loss of appetite, vomiting, become aggressive and so on.
    2. Physiological or psychological diseases of cats
    Physiological: Cats suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, cystitis, constipation and other diseases may defecate anywhere.
    Psychological: the owner’s long-term coldness to the cat, scolding the cat, new members of the family, etc., will make the cat suffer from anxiety and defecate.
    3. The cat litter box is not replaced in time
    The owner does not clean the cat litter in time, or the cat litter box is placed in a crowded and noisy place, which will make the cat unwilling to go to the toilet in the cat litter box.
  2. 4. Cats do not adapt to the cat litter
    It may be that the cat does not like the smell and texture of the cat litter and will refuse to go to the toilet. Owners should also pay attention when changing the cat to a new litter, gradually and slowly mixing the old litter together to replace it, but it is recommended that you do not change the litter easily, and don’t change it if you are used to one kind, otherwise it will be difficult for the cat to adapt.
    1. Veterinarian Xiaoming suggests that if you have several cats, you should prepare a corresponding number of litter boxes for them (or one more), as cats don’t like other cats to use their own litter boxes.

    2. Well, the above is about some of the secrets of the cat toilet, the most important thing for cats is to eat and defecate, owners usually have to do a good job of cat living utensils disinfection and sterilization Oh, nothing to do while the sun is good to bask in the cat’s nest is also a good choice !

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