Cats sleeping in the litter box may be due to insecurity or to defend their territory. As long as the cat has no other abnormal symptoms, and its spirit, appetite urination, and defecation are normal, the owner does not need to worry too much. However, suppose the cat is not simply sleeping in the litter box, but is also accompanied by depression, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and other symptoms. In that case, it should be considered suffering from urinary diseases. It is recommended that the owner take the cat to the veterinary hospital as soon as possible for examination, and then take targeted therapeutic measures.

  1. 1.Lack of security

Cats are a kind of insecure animal, especially when they just arrive at a new environment or are frightened, they will easily lack a sense of security. The cat’s litter box is a place where cats often come and go, and there is a very strong flavor of the cat itself, so the cat will feel safe lying in the litter box.

In this regard, the owner can prepare a semi-closed litter box for the cat and put some items used by the cat inside, so that the cat can sleep in it and slowly familiarize itself with the new environment.

  1. 2.Defend their territory

If it is a multi-cat family, the cat may sleep in the litter box because it does not want to share the same litter box with other cats, so it will stay in the litter box for a long time to protect its territory. Alternatively, it may be because the cat is often bullied and is afraid that once it leaves the litter box it will not be able to return, so it simply sleeps directly in the litter box.

Therefore, it is recommended that in a multi-cat household, the number of litter boxes must be one more than the number of cats to prevent the cats from fighting or developing the habit of sleeping in the litter box because of grabbing the litter box.

  1. 3.Suffering from urinary system diseases

If the cat suffers from urinary diseases, it will have frequent urination symptoms, to facilitate excretion, so the cat will choose to sleep directly in the litter box, this phenomenon usually occurs in male cats.

At this time, the owner should pay attention to observing the cat’s mental appetite for any abnormalities, as well as urination. If the cat is depressed, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and other symptoms, the probability is that it is suffering from urinary system diseases, and you need to take the cat to the pet hospital as soon as possible for examination and treatment.

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