How Many Litter Boxes Per Cat?

Even if your cat has unrestricted access to the outdoors, it’s a good idea to keep the litter box indoors if it doesn’t feel safe going potty outside or has trouble getting to the backyard fast enough due to old age or mobility issues. If you’re a cat, you can never have enough litter boxes, […]

Why is My Cat Laying in The Litter Box?

Cats sleeping in the litter box may be due to insecurity or to defend their territory. As long as the cat has no other abnormal symptoms and its spirit, appetite, urination, and defecation are normal, the owner does not need to worry too much. However, suppose the cat is not simply sleeping in the litter […]

Ogni quanto tempo cambiare la lettiera del gatto?

Generally speaking, change the cat litter once every 1-2 weeks and clean and disinfect the litter box once every 1-2 months.Because feces are unsanitary, it is easier to harbor bacteria. It is easy to create a health risk to your cat’s skin, intestines, etc.While the general cycle remains basically the same, many variables require us […]

Perché il mio gatto fa la cacca sul pavimento quando la lettiera è pulita?

Shovelers who have cats have more or less had the experience that just after cleaning the cat litter, the cat has to jump in and make a poop. Veterinarian Xiaoming’s studio friend is described this way, every morning, when shoveling cat litter, they will regularly run over a blue cat, cat litter just shoveled; the […]