Pine Wood Cat Litter

Pine wood cat litter is made from pine wood with a small amount of natural binder. Because pine cat litter has larger particles, it is more economical to use and saves two-thirds of the cost of traditional cat litter. Pine litter particles have high friction between them and do not roll easily. This type of litter is more stable so that cats do not feel like they are sinking in. Therefore, I personally feel that pine cat litter is quite suitable for cats, such as Meow Wants Pine Cat Litter.
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How to choose pine cat litter?

Since some cats will not like the smell of pine and therefore sometimes will not defecate because of this, cat owners should consider this when choosing pine cat litter. For this cat owners can choose a pine litter that is not the original flavor, such as the green tea-flavored Meow Wants Pine Cat Litter. In addition, cat owners should not buy some of the pine cat litter that has a harsh perfume flavor, so as not to irritate the cat’s nose.

How to use pine wood cat litter?

First of all, to use pine cat litter you need to prepare a double-layer cat litter box, and the cat litter box is best placed in a relatively dry and quiet place, which is easy for the cat to defecate and the pine wood is moisture-proof. Then put the pine cat litter into the upper layer of the cat litter box, the height of the upper layer of the cat litter box to maintain half the height of the cat, the lower layer of the cat litter box can be put into the old newspaper or pine cat litter, of course, do not put it can be, and then timely clean up the upper layer of cat poop, shoveling up the cat poop can be poured into the toilet with the lower layer of the crumbs can be flushed out.