Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is made of tofu dregs or some other plant fibers made of cat litter, through the pellet machine drying and packaging made, it is shaped like a slender cylinder, light weight, easy to carry, with safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, no dust is not easy to cause pollution, deodorizing effect, good water absorption, easy to condense, easy to clean up can be flushed directly into the toilet and so on; but there is also a heavy smell of soya bean dregs, easy to be humid, easily stuck in the edge of the litter box and other shortcomings, need to be cleaned up regularly, change and clean, and replace them all in five days or so.
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Tofu cat litter is divided into two types: agglomerated and non-agglomerated (regular tofu cat litter, tofu herbal litter, tofu variegated litter, tofu pine coated litter, and tofu corn coated litter). The clumping type is the popular model.
Material: As the name suggests, tofu litter is made from the residue of tofu.
Advantages: environmentally friendly, waste utilization, can directly flush the toilet. No dust, non-toxic, harmless to cats and humans. Condensable, easy to clean up. Ingredients are natural, bean flavored, with a wide variety of derivatives (including tofu herbal sand, tofu variegated sand, tofu pine core sand, tofu corn core sand), scented, dyed, charcoal, and dust free. Can be flushed directly from the toilet and easy to take out and clean. According to the size of the cat according to 12 days, 7 days, 5 days all change can be. It is recommended that if you have a purebred cat, the kind with a weak stomach (easy to diarrhea) must use the agglomerated type, the cat will be absolutely fine to eat, the soybean dregs are edible (but choose manufacturers without industrial additives), and it is extremely suitable for post-partum, post-operative cats as well as young kittens before the age of half a year.
Cons: Easy to grow worms in summer, or humid environment. Some people have responded to a pea-like odor, and cats have refused to use it. Agglomeration is not as good as clay litter, and the price is more expensive than clay or crystal.
How to use: It is best to use with a double-layer toilet, because some crushed particles will be deposited in the bottom layer, and the lower layer will be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive urine odor. Normally, as with agglomerated cat litter, clean up the urine and BB chunks every day.